THCP Distillate

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Our Delta 8 THCp distillate is a legal hemp derived product.

Note: This is a legal hemp derived product.

2 reviews for THCP Distillate

  1. Charles Vanhoozer (verified owner)

    I almost didn’t try it because of how high the price is cause 90$ for a half gram seems insane but I mixed it with 20% thcp/35% hhc/ 35% hhc o/ 5% cbn/ 5% terps and goodness it’s by far the most potent of anything on the site, also I did try dabs of it plain but it wasent as good as it is mixed in my opinion

  2. Charles Vanhoozer (verified owner)

    Anyone that wants something to mix to make a blend stronger this couldn’t be any better, I really hope this comes back in stock soon

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