THC-O Acetate Distillate – Terpene Infused – 30g


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THC-O Acetate Distillate

THC-O Acetate is a new hemp-derived product that has been reported as 1 – 3x stronger than normal Delta 8 distillate and is not to be confused with Delta 9 THC.

Note: THC-O Acetate in bulk will have a perceptible smell that some will perceive as vinegar like…this is normal and is caused by oxidation of the product and will disappear once terped / installed in cartridge or mixed into tincture.

Note: This product is not as viscous as Delta 8 distillate….this is normal for this product.

Note: Warning….this product is very strong and should be used with caution. We recommend taking 1 puff and wait a minimum of 30 minutes to access your tolerance to this product.





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