Loud House Terpenes (BDT)

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Loud House Terpene Strain Blends (BDT)

A product line of (BDT) Botanical Terpenes / Strain Blends

Why are our products priced so well?
We have made a large investment in this particular product line as well as long term commitments in order to bring reasonable pricing to our customers.

What makes these products different?
Our (BDT) Botanical Derived Terpenes/ Strain Blends are a composition of our base strains plus botanical derived Β flavor molecules, producing a more enjoyable blend while still retaining the properties of the base strains.

Note: Terpenes come in 2g and 5g sizes only.

5 reviews for Loud House Terpenes (BDT)

  1. Virginia Tunstall (verified owner)

    I ordered Super Lemon Haze πŸ‹ & Banana Kush 🍌 The Super Lemon Haze, is my Favorite out of all the few Terps and Terped carts I’ve tried. It’s a earthy mellow pine with notes of Citrus lemon πŸ‹. It can be strong so start at 5%. It’s a uplifting effect on aroma but, like all to most D8 Disty will have indica nighttime effects. Later I’ll try CBG instead of CBD 20% to mellow out Vape carts to see if I can create more of a Sativa Experience. πŸ˜€ The effects are Great and Aroma is Great! A More Natural Flavor Plant Vape. The Banana Kush 🍌 is a Very Very light mellow Vape at 5% questioning if I need to go higher like 7%. It’s one of those Vapes where if you don’t care for strong flavor or any at all but still want something in your Disty, Banana Kush 🍌 is for you! πŸ˜€ Me personally it needs a Banana flavor that it’s surely lacking or flavor but, rather have this than something I Can’t enjoy or Vape. I ordered Granddaddy Purple πŸ‡, Rainbow Drops 🌈 & Watermelon OG πŸ‰ that I’ll Review Later. By next week sometime so check back and Read how they Smell and Taste in my opinion 😺 So far I’m very pleased with my Terps. Honestly I love flavor so I have to say Banana Kush 🍌 is not for you if you like or love flavor and aroma. But it’s a good Terp though.

  2. Virginia Tunstall (verified owner)

    Sorry I’ve been sick recently, couldn’t review until now. I’ve ordered 6 flavors since first review. Here’s my Review.

    Rainbow Drops 🌈 One of my best flavors so far. Floral but Fruity in a Natural way. A Strong Flavor but, mellows some after first hit and Vapor. A must try for anyone wanting to adjust taste in carts that may buffer Terps. You will still taste this one and can be used at 3% to 4% for people that has to stretch your Terp amount.

    Granddaddy Purple πŸ‡ Another one of my favorite Terps πŸ˜€ A Grape background with a berry floral Vape that will delight your taste buds. Use at 5% to Fill your mouth with flavor. Each Floral Terp is Different and can even be very different. A Medium to Strong Flavor.

    Watermelon OG πŸ‰ A Light Natural flavor that’s more Earthy with gas notes but not the kind of gas you may think. It has it’s own Flavor. No pine or wood but, a Earth vape your have to try. 7% Recommended. 5% is ok for most carts but 7% better for a bump up in strength.

    Strawnanna πŸ“πŸŒ I Love this Terp! 😍 A Natural Floral Vape that’s like A Strawberry Flower mixed with notes of Earth and Moderate Sweetness. The floral notes are completely different from the other floral Terps I’ve tried. A must Try!

    Blue Dream πŸ’« I can’t explain this flavor 100% but I can tell you I Really like and enjoy this Terp. It’s a Deep berry Floral Vape that’s got a background of a berry mix. Not a berry on instant but in the background. A flavor that’s good and strong. 5% is enough in most cart types. It’s mostly Floral.

    Durban Poison 🌿 A Earth Terp with a kick of Plant and Gas. I do not get a Sweet n Sour flavor from this. I get a Very good Clean Natural Earth plant vape with No Pine. A lot of Terpines can have some kind of Pine background or dominant Pine but, not this one. 5% to 7% Recommended. A light to medium Vape. To some degree you might get the slightest hint of pine. Not all will taste it. Everyone is different and the way your body is that day might detect the pine. It’s a mixed Earth Vape. Mellow and Smooth without worrying that flavor isn’t present. Your mouth will definitely taste this one.


  3. Charles Vanhoozer (verified owner)

    I got strawnana and rainbow drops and both are very good tasting, and for the price u can’t beat it

  4. Stephen Stralka (verified owner)

    I just want to add that the terpenes are high quality and a super great value when compared to some other places!

  5. Jessica Torres (verified owner)

    I bought bubblegum OG and it taste so good like real bubblegum I recommend it to add great flavor and smell to your vape.
    I also bought banana Kush and I did not like it.Taste and smell bad like Banana peel so I only add to Bring down the thickness of my distill then hit with the another flavor.

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