Build Your Own Custom Distillate Blend – 10g / 20g / 30g


Design your own 10g / 20g / 30g distillate blend of CBD, CBG, CBN Delta 8 & THCv…the choice is yours. More cannabinoids to be added soon.

  1. Blend must be 100% total cannabinoids….no more / no less so verify prior to placing order.
  2. If combing multiple isolates please keep isolate blend to no more than 50% combined.
  3. CBN is an add on and not part of the 100%…so make sure you have the 100% covered prior to adding CBN to your blend.
  4. Warning CBN is very sedating and we recommend no more than 20% max in the blend.
  5. THCv is an add on and is not part of the 100%…so make sure you have your 100% covered prior to adding the THCv.
  6. Warning THCv is very stimulating cannabinoid and recommended at no higher than 10% of total (10g x 0.10 = 1g max, 20g x 0.10 = 2g max and 30g x 0.10 = 3g max). Also when combined with CBG it can be even more stimulating.
  7. Have fun with it…it’s a great way to try out different blends.

Note: Due to the custom process of this product please allow 2 to 3 days for this product to ship.

Notice: A hemp based, hemp-derived product containing no more than 0.30% Delta 9 THC.



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