D8 THC / THC-O / D10 THC / HHC Blended Distillate – 4 Horsemen Blend

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4 Horsemen Blend (D8 THC / D8 THC-O / D10 THC / HHC Blended Distillate)

This is a balanced blend of D8 THC / D8 THC-O / D10 THC / HHC to bring you the best effects of each product combined into on easy to use product.

Note: Optional Terpenes are BDT and come in a separate 2g dropper bottle / not mixed in distillate.

Note: This is a legal hemp derived product.

Be sure to check your state laws before attempting to purchase D8 carts. Loud House Hemp isn’t responsible for knowing the specific laws of your state or territory, and you assume full responsibility for complying with your state laws regarding any purchase you make.

2 reviews for D8 THC / THC-O / D10 THC / HHC Blended Distillate – 4 Horsemen Blend

  1. William Koch (verified owner)

    Heavy hitter here. I honestly expected it to be a bit harsh as a mix but was delightfully surprised at the smoothness and clarity. A very relaxing vibe that is absolutely the entourage effect in full form in this one. Will be ordering again!

  2. Jack Adams (verified owner)

    Honestly rocked my socks off, I normally don’t buy alt-noids but this got me further than d9 does

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