$25 – THCp / HHCp Blend Black Ops Blend Vape Cart – 1g

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After months of testing we are introducing our first high THCP / HHCp Black Ops Blend.

  • DELTA 8 @ 25%
  • THCo @ 50%
  • CBG @ 10%
  • THCp @ 5%
  • HHCp @ 5%
  • Terpenes @ 5%

Note: This is a legal hemp derived product.

1 review for $25 – THCp / HHCp Blend Black Ops Blend Vape Cart – 1g

  1. Cm22 (verified owner)

    I tried one of these bad boys a little while back and knew I had to get another one when I could. This cart is great because you can puff a few times (decent tolerance) and be good for a few hours because of the thcp. ID love to see the price of thcp come down so these carts are more affordable but comparing this to a normal d9 cartridge id say this wins in every way besides taste (with cdts it would be pretty much perfect)

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