Delta 9 THC / THC-P / CBG Blend Gummies – 21mg – Watermelon

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Delta 9 THC + THC-P + CBG Blend Gummies – Watermelon

Blend: 10mg D9 / 10mg CBG / 1mg THCp


Glucose, Sucrose, Water, Pectin, D9 / CBG / THC-P, Citric Acid, Natural & Organic Flavoring, Propylene Glycol, FD&C Approved Coloring.

Note: This is a legal hemp derived product.

4 reviews for Delta 9 THC / THC-P / CBG Blend Gummies – 21mg – Watermelon

  1. Timothy Jones (verified owner)

    Great tasting gummy. I didn’t get a whole lot out of my first one, or my second one, but with the third I started feeling really good. I don’t remember how long the effects lasted cause I fell asleep about 3 hours in. I woke up about 9 hours later still buzzing some so I’m pretty sure 3 hours wasn’t the peak. Missing the peak was worth it for me though. I haven’t slept that good in 10 or 12 years.

  2. Matthew Gordon (verified owner)

    I got the blue raspberry ones a while back. Man are they pretty relaxing. 2-3 (with decent tolerance) gave me an extremely relaxing effect on par with d9. Recommend. I can’t comprehend what a gram of this stuff must run for.

  3. Noah Garvin (verified owner)

    Literally the best tasting peach gummies I’ve ever had. The texture and chewiness is perfect. First time trying thcp and it felt great.

  4. Nathan Nellis (verified owner)

    Best gummies they have !!! The taste is spot on and the effects are amazing 🤩🤩. Hands down best tasting!

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