Delta 10 THC Distillate


Delta 10 THCDistillate

Current Delta-10 Distillate is 63.4%.

Delta-10 distillate is similar to Delta-8 but with a more enhanced focus, euphoria and uplifting effects which is perfect for daytime use.  Delta-10 can be considered as the “sativa” while delta-8 is more an “indica”. This product is the raw Delta-10 distillate.

Note: This is a legal hemp derived product.

Note: Delta 10 has a smell (earthy)….this is normal in its raw form.

Be sure to check your state laws before attempting to purchase D8 carts. Loud House Hemp isn’t responsible for knowing the specific laws of your state or territory, and you assume full responsibility for complying with your state laws regarding any purchase you make.



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